Fast to Start. . . From JT-Power, Inc. to Willis Aeronautical Services, Inc.

JT-Power, Inc. was founded in February 2004. Initially focusing on older generation technology such as JT9 series engines, JT Power quickly grew to incorporate a wide array of engine and aircraft types into its inventory, including mid- and new-generation technology equipment.

Industry Knowledge plus Financial Acumen

JT-Power, Inc.'s rapid growth was the direct result of extensive industry experience and knowledge.  In November 2013 the majority of the assets of JT-Power, Inc. were sold to Willis Lease Finance Corporation and Willis Aeronautical Service, Inc. was formed as a wholly owned subsidiary.

Growth and Diversity

While growth has come quickly, much attention has been given to selecting profitable, accretive transactions, which ultimately add value to both Willis Aero as well as Willis Aero's customers.

Focusing on more modern engine types, Willis Aero closed its first externally financed transaction in 2005, purchasing six V2500 engines for over $20mn. Other transactions of similar scope followed shortly thereafter. Willis Aero grew conservatively over the next year, ensuring ample resources were contributed to the management of recent transactions, specifically administrative and logistical.

In 2006, highly skilled people were hired to assist in both the management of current assets and the procurement of new deals. In this time, Willis Aero's portfolio diversity increased substantially, from JT9D and V2500 focus, to nearly all major aircraft engine types. In 2012 Willis Aero relocated to Boynton Beach, FL where a warehouse of 40,000 square feet was leased and a new chapter in our history has begun to be written.